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Diana Lindarte



Filmmaker & Social Media Analyst

Founder of LindartPR - Social Media Marketing with a Neurodiversity Approach

Diana Lindarte, a Colombian filmmaker and graduate of UNILA (Universidade Federal da Integração Latino-Americana) in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil, is a dynamic professional specializing in the intersection of film and technology, within the context of cultural heritage. Diana's diverse studies include theater and dramaturgy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, at ARGENTORES (Argentine Association of Authors), and acting & directing in film at the INCINE Institute in Quito, Ecuador.  Her knowledge of the Feldenkrais method as well as modern social media approaches enhances her management of artists and creative enterprises.

The documentary series, "Crypto-descendants Revealed," directed by Diana Lindarte, weaves a journey across Colombia, Venezuela, and Brazil, delving into the hidden legacy of crypto-Jews amid regional turmoil. Descendants confront their obscured past to reclaim a heritage deeply intertwined with the essence of Latin America. "Crypto-descendants Revealed" ventures deep into the heart of the Americas, with a narrative that bridges centuries-old secrets with contemporary yearnings for identity, amidst the backdrop of geopolitical upheaval. This documentary series brings to light the enduring legacy of the crypto-Jews, descendants of those forced into hiding their cultural practices by the Spanish Inquisition, and now grappling with the profound revelations of their hidden heritage in places like Colombia, Venezuela, and Brazil.

Diana Lindarte's cultural explorations delve into the rich tapestries of Jewish heritage and communities with Sephardic ancestry. She studied advanced Ladino language and introductory Yiddish with the Oxford School of Rare Languages. 

Mitchell Harrison


Leader of Rocking Simchas, Mitchell began performing as a teenager in Long Beach on tuba and bass guitar. He earned a Bachelor's degree in biology, and studied in Doctor of Optometry and Environmental Science Ph.D. programs, but maintains eclectic interests, including history, politics, and geography. Working in ophthalmology and renewable biodiesel energy, Mitchell performed clinical research and special testing and photography for retina specialists, like fluorescein angiography. Mitchell plays with several different bands, each musically their own cutting-edge styles: Moshiach Oi!, Blanket Statementstein, Mr. Shabbos Show, and White Shabbos.


During the last few years, Mitchell has found, in film production and photography, a passion that has allowed him to channel his broad knowledge about Jewish cultural and artistic life, and bring it to the screen. Besides recordings and numerous music videos, Mitchell has been involved and featured in the documentaries Punk Jews and Tikkun Olam, and continues to explore his identity in the New York City Jewish art scene.

This exploration includes his own unique family background research, discovering a pre-Holocaust genealogy that traces to places like Michalishka, Belarus and Bialystok, Poland. 


Mitchell keeps up to date with EdX, Coursera and Google Skillshop, just recently completing Berklee’s course “Copyright Law in the Music Business”. Mitchell continues reinventing himself, using machine learning to utilize the great new tools of advanced artificial intelligence. He also continues to add to a growing body of created documentary and musical content on the Harrison sings Morrison YouTube channel.




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