Genie: A crypto-descendant revealed

Project by Diana Lindarte

Spain / Portugal / Israel • Feature Film• Non-fiction

Genealogist Genie Milgrom traces her Crypto-Jewish lineage back 22 generations all the way to the year 1405. An exciting genealogical journey through time has now made her an acclaimed voice for many rediscovering their Jewish ancestry. 


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This documentary film explores the life and times of the legendary genealogist  Genie Milgrom. Ms. Milgrom was born in Havana, Cuba into a Roman Catholic family of Spanish ancestry. Driven by questions about her identity, and a feeling of not belonging, she finds her true home in the Jewish faith, and she decides to convert to Judaism. The death of her maternal grandmother marks the beginning of a transformational new understanding of her roots. When the grandmother dies, she leaves behind a hamsa and an earring with a Jewish Star. These objects  open the door to the most fascinating journey through time. The film begins in historic Havana, and the revolution of Fidel Castro. Her entire family consequently flees to the Miami, Florida of the 1960’s. 

The story eventually brings us to Fermoselle, a town in Spain, where her maternal family lived for 623 years. This is the place where she confirms the Jewish past not only of her family, but unbelievably the entire town! Walking through those streets, speaking with locals, and deciphering the architectural symbols of this historic village, in the province of Zamora, is where she uncovers definitive clues of her Jewish past.

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